The refugee voice

    Part of the mandate of Mercy in Motion is to help give a voice to refugees. Putting our Mercy in Motion means directly and personally accompanying and cooperating with refugees, mutually empowering both refugees and JRS personnel alike. Here you will find refugees’ stories, their successes and the challenges they face rebuilding their lives.

    Uganda: Alino's tale - A rapper in Motion

    Kampala, 5 July 2016 - As a teenager, Alino dreamed of being a hip hop artist in Congo, where music is the pulse of the country. But like many young people, family demands and expectations that Alino pursue a more stable career put his dreams on hold while he studied petroleum chemistry in a prestigious Congolese university. Never did Alino think that he’d be a rising rap star, and never did he dream it would be while living in exile in Kampala, Uganda.

    Ethiopia: Luwam's tale - A dancer in Motion

    Mai Aini, 22 July 2016 – Luwam was once at the centre of her nation’s spotlight. In Asmara, as a member of the national dance team, she performed for government officials and her fellow citizens at national celebrations, receiving cheers and accolades for her captivating talent. “People came from different villages and towns. Big crowds always gathered there. I used to perform both the Tigray and Tigrinya dances for the crowd,” she recalls.