Mercy in Motion for Asia Pacific
(Denis Bosnic/Jesuit Refugee Service))

Mercy in Motion for Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific JRS works to provide education to the most vulnerable. 

In Indonesia, JRS accompanies refugees by giving them the resources they need to do their own thing. In immigration detention, JRS helps teachers to hold classes for fellow detainees, by asking officials for a teaching space, loaning a projector, and distributing stationery and teaching materials. In the community, JRS offers space and lesson plans for an inclusive Learning Centre, which has quickly become a safe and welcoming place where refugees from different countries can meet. Volunteer teachers from the refugee community teach children and adults, usually in English, offering to share skills in handicrafts and other areas. For others, JRS organises training in teaching methods and translation skills.  This helps boost aspirations to continue learning and to be of service to their own and the wider community.

Myanmar, (formerly and sometimes still referred to as Burma) is one of the poorest countries in Asia where huge inequality and disparities exist between regions. National census data released in 2015 suggests that over 1 million people in Myanmar are stateless. JRS promotes education for IDPs through improving learning environments and building capacity.

Thailand continues to host about 110,000 Burmese refugees in the 9 camps along its border with Myanmar. There are over 14,000 refugees in Ban Mai Nai Soi (Camp 1) and in Ban Mae Surin (Camp 2), where JRS works to improve the formal educational opportunities of refugees.

(Photo: Christian Science Monitor)

The Mercy in Motion campaign aims to strengthen educational projects including basic education, non-formal education for urban refugees in learning centres in Indonesia and Thailand, as well as teacher training in Myanmar and beyond. 

Make sure that refugees don’t fall through the cracks. Support refugee education and invest in long-term peace in the Asia Pacific region.

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